Friday, December 10, 2010


Anytime someone leaves
I get the wind hammered out of me
Weeping, clutching, barely breathing
I fall to my knees

What happened this time?
What went wrong?
Was it because you had to wait too long?
Whatever it is, I’ve been doing it wrong for far too long!

I don’t get many answers to my questions
I don’t get much time to even mention
That I have a great task heading my direction
Trying to explain to a 5 year old the cause of your evaporation

What do I say to her to try to explain
That mommy will cry but will soon be good again
How do I tell her that you weren’t enough
Not loving, patient nor emotionally buff

Gosh it’s all we’ve ever known
Being left behind like an empty throne
A kingdom with no king, left confused and alone
We ponder, analyze, and wait by the phone

Will he call? Will he write?
Will he come around tonight?
No, so I guess the vacancy still stands
Wanted: a loving husband and devoted dad

© Kathya J. Castañeda

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