Friday, December 10, 2010

Forgive to Forget II

My Darling, forgive me…
For the nights you heard me cry, before you were born;
For the times I cried with you in my arms, 
Having my heart and soul completely torn;
For not giving you a normal family;
For not always having you beside me

Forgive me…
For the times I lose my head, I should just stop and hug you instead;
For not always having the money on hand
To get you a doll, an ice cream or that magic wand;
For the nights and days Mommy has to be away,
But Baby Girl we got bills to pay.

I want you to have everything you deserve.
Walking together our lessons we’ll learn, we’ll never be alone.
I’m with you every step, every turn.
Know that I love you,
And that we’re free of the thorn.
You are my rainbow after the storm.

© Kathya J. Castañeda

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