Friday, December 10, 2010

Forgotten Memory

In these recent days I’ve bumped into the memory of you
It haunted me but then I knew
That there was only one thing that I could do
That there was only one way out
So I informed Mr. Memory what the forgetting process is all about

He looked at me bewildered and surprised
Not noticing the pain in my eyes.
I took a deep breath, got my thoughts reorganized
Then asked him to just walk towards the white light
Disappear from sight
And to run quickly into the back of my mind

See, that’s where I keep some of my memories hidden from life
The darkness stifles them and sends them to oblivion
So I could forget the damage that you’ve done
And if I push this memory all the way to the back
I’ll eventually question its existence and it will no longer be a fact
I can then pretend that you never happened
And my mended heart will never again be saddened.

Now, if Mr. Memory must step back into my conscious mind
Just let him be prepared to surrender.
He’ll be tied to an anchor, tight
And then thrown into the open seas of a forgetful mind
Where memories sink, they drown and die
Never again to see the open skies
So just tell the memory of you
To do us all a favor and become obscure

Anyway, it’s been good talking to you again
It’s just too bad that the memory of you is walking down
“Forgotten Memory Lane”

© Kathya J. Castañeda

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