Friday, December 10, 2010

Night Walker

That night you went over to her house
Thinking she would be meek as a mouse
You might have discovered
That there is so much more to her
Her heart pounded as she heard you at the gate
The neighbor saw you and must have wondered
What you were doing out so late.

And then there you were,
Standing right in front of her,
That surprise kiss after the brief hello,
Made all her inhibitions fall to the floor

That night entwined in each other’s arms
She didn’t feel cold and nothing could do her harm
You provided love and care and attention
Distracted her mind and relieved her tension
You love her body, like no one had done before
You touched her deep in her soul, in her core

With her philosophy, melodrama and fun
She’s worth a lifetime and then some
So don’t play games with her heart
Because she may love foolishly, but her departures are smart.

Although not much might come after that encounter
Just know that on those lonely nights you’ll wish you could be with her
She’ll care for you the only way she knows how
From a distance, and not necessarily in the same house
But if you must love her then do it right
Don’t go around sneaking in the night.

© Kathya J. Castañeda

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