Friday, December 10, 2010

I Am That I Am

What’s so wrong with standing out in the crowd
Wearing green when everyone else is in brown,
Being down low when everyone is off the ground
Taking the left side when the others are on the right
What’s so wrong with putting up a fight
When the others stand back, out of sight

What’s so wrong with speaking my mind, being in the light
Singing out loud, out of tune
Dancing in the street and speaking to the moon
What’s so wrong with me wearing my heart on my sleeve
Knowing someday you might pick-up and leave
If you take some of my love, I won’t call you a thief
Just don’t be surprised if your departure is my relief

What’s so wrong with being unique
So what if I don’t shop at a boutique
What’s so wrong with working the fields
The rice and corn and cane and beans
Blistering my feet, getting stung by bees
Working in the world of the forgotten
Working side by side by them

What’s so wrong with looking you in the eye
And seeing if your words are nothing but lies
What’s so wrong with my feminine side
Do you think I’m weak, that I’ll run and hide?
I am that I am!
My strength is mine!
It’s been challenged sometimes
It’s been built with time!

What’s so wrong with me bearing my load
Walking barefoot on this road
I’m not alone!
Because I am that I am
Don’t need anything else
Just put me to the test!

© Kathya J. Castañeda

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